About Sacred Grounds

Healthy habitats and healthy communities go hand in hand.

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The National Wildlife Federation’s Sacred Grounds program engages diverse communities in building healthier habitats and neighborhoods through the process of installing wildlife habitats at these institutions and engaging the broader community in the process. The Sacred Grounds program is designed to be flexible and easily adapted to meet participants’ key needs and interests, providing tools to help them achieve their visions for healthier communities and ecosystems.

The mission of the Sacred Grounds program is to promote the installation of a native plant gardens that connect people to nature and provide access to nature for all. Particularly in urban communities, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) have less access to nature and safe green spaces than white folks in the same cities. Native plants are not only a foundation for healthy ecosystems and wildlife, but also play an important role in mental, physical, and social health by providing opportunities for people to connect to nature in their neighborhoods and communities. Native plants can also help to manage stormwater and reduce flooding, support local food cultivation, improve water quality, and enhance community resilience. Through the Sacred Grounds program, participants both learn to plant and install their own native plant garden, while educating and engaging the community and contributing to a network of accessible natural spaces and habitats.

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Swamp Milkweed: Tom Potterfield

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Native plants will thrive in the soils, moisture, and weather of your region.

Bronze Frog: Julia Bartosh

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