Indoor Fun

Bring the outdoors in and explore and enjoy nature from your living room, backyard or a patio! There’s no limit to the creativity and fun you can have camping with the comforts of home!

Two children lying in camping tent set up indoors

Set Up Your Campsite

You don’t need to be outside to go camping. Throw open the windows and pitch a tent in a living room, basement, or any other open space. If you don’t have a tent, rent one or build your own by trading trees for pieces of sturdy furniture.

Before settling down for the night, put on a play in your tent with these easy-to-make shadow puppets.

Smiling child holding up drawing of wild cat next to plastic figurine

Go Wild with Games

Embark on a wildlife scavenger hunt at home to learn more about some of the wildlife species you might see while camping. Later have everyone draw some of the animals, like owls, skunks, or ducks. See who can draw the fastest, or who can draw the most creative creature!

For more fun, get the laughter going with these camping riddles.

Assortment of graham crackers, marshmallows, and sweet treats

Make Silly Snacks

Have fun with a few nature-inspired bites—no campfire needed. For a sweet summer treat, try making ladybugs you can eat. If you’re looking for a healthy way to start your camping day, this breakfast owl fits the bill!

For indoor s’mores, pop your marshmallows in the microwave, or heat them over the flame of a gas stove. Add more to your s’mores with these twists on the classic recipe.

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